How can we make exporting effortless for future business?

How can we make exporting effortless for future business?

With just eight days notice, we create the brand, video and materials for the UKTI's 'export jam', customised the Made Open platform for further digital engagement and facilitated the Bristol jam.

It’s been pretty intense at times but over the last week, we’ve been working closely with the UKTI’s ‘Ideas Lab’ and Cabinet Office’s ‘Policy Lab’ to develop a brand identity and accompanying materials for nine nationwide workshops. And, if we do say so ourselves, it’s been a fairly smooth and seamless process.

We also conceived and produced a video with top-and-tail animations to be played at the beginning of the event – this introduced the concept of the day: “How can we make exporting effortless for future business?”.

Robert facilitated the South West event, leading the participants through the activities and helping make the day a success. Here’s what one participant had to say about the event.

For the first time, we also utilised the unique and powerful features of our Made Open platform for digital jamming: Here, people from around the UK and internationally joined were able to contribute to the jam virtually. The platform also allowed working groups to upload their pitches at the end of the day to UKTI’s challenge.

This platform was bespokely branded for UKTI Ideas Lab; allowing participants to share challenges, develop ideas and communicate with others, not only around the country but around the world.

In one day, the site had 231 people register, 113 challenges & ideas were added and 6 groups formed. Now that’s what we call digital democracy.

July 29, 2015