Here we have included answers to frequently asked questions about using or setting up a Made Open platform. You can also take a look at our blog ( for details of new features and how they work.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us at
Features & Updates
How often are new features added to the platform?

We always listen to feedback, and have a long list of new features that we want to develop. We’re a small company but as we grow we hope to be releasing more features more frequently.

Will we get new features on our platform when you develop them?

This depends on which plan you have and on the size / nature of the feature. If you have Gold plan you we have access to all new features when they are released. User of the free platform will not have access to some features, and Silver customers will be able to purchase additional features (such as the planned Volunteer Bank and Community Exchange) as add ons.

What happens if we want to change the way some of the features work?

If these are improvements that we feel will benefit all Made Open customers and members, we will add suggestions to our improvements list. The complexity of the change will depend on how quickly we can implement. Some changes may not be feasible.

If this is a change that is specific to your requirements and doesn’t benefit the Made Open community as a whole, there is the possibility we will charge for such a change. We will do everything we can to help make the platform better for you.

Setup & Customisation
How long will it take to get our made open platform up and running?

A standard platform set up takes less than a day, your site will then be live and ready to customise. If you can provide us with copy, imagery and colour choices we can customise the look of the site for you in this time too. If you have more bespoke needs (e.g. you need to turn some features off or add bespoke features) set up time will be slightly longer depending on your requirements.

Can we pick and choose which features we have on our platform?

Yes you can. Although you are limited to the existing features we have developed, please get in touch if you have specific requirement as we are more than happy to develop bespoke features for an additional fee.

Can we customise the look of the platform to match our brand?

Yes you can. Once we have set up your Made Open platform you will have control over the look and feel of your site. You will be able to set a colour scheme, add your logo, and customise the homepage content within a few clicks. We will provide the necessary training to your site administrator.

Can I update the look of our platform after it has been setup?

Yes you can. Once the site is set up, you can update and refresh the look of your platform as often as you like without any input from us.

What if we have specific requirements which your platform currently can’t meet?

If you like what the Made Open platform has to offer, but require a feature that the platform doesn’t currently have, we can provide a quote to build it for you.

Do we have to have a Made Open URL or can we choose our own?

You can choose any domain you want. As long as it can be bought, you can have it. The benefit of using a Made Open URL is that it’s free and you’ll never need to renew it.

Support & Maintenance
How much support do we get as part of our licence fee?

Levels of support vary depending on what pricing plan you choose, Silver clients will have access to our support team via email and telephone to provide technical assistance when using the platform. Gold customers receive a full managed service to help you engage your target audience, and generate sustained activity on your platform.

How quickly will bugs / issues be resolved?

We always aim to resolve any technical bugs or issues as quickly as possible. We provide customers with an expected minimum response time guide where we detail how long they can expect bugs to be resolved based on the severity of each bug.

How often will the platform be updated?

We are constantly working on the platform to make improvements, so your site is regularly updated.

Plans, Pricing & Billing
What is the difference between the different plans?

Our plans are based on user numbers, access to features and levels of service. If you are an individual or community group looking to share ideas and crowdsource, you can have free access to If you are a small charity or business with a small membership but require a custom platform with tailored content and topic themes, our silver plan would suit you. Our Gold plan is for organisations who want all available functionality with no limits, and have access to a dedicated team of community builders to help build partnerships and embed the technology. See pricing for more details

Can we switch plans once the platform is set up?

You switch plans at any point. Our plans have been designed to adapt to your evolving needs. If your membership suddenly changes or if you find yourself needing extra features, or less, we can adapt our pricing plan to fit your needs.

Will the price we pay ever increase above the plan cost?

The price you sign up to will be the price you pay each month. There are a few scenarios where you may see additional costs on top of your monthly fee:

  • Your number of users exceeds the plan limits (but you don’t wish to switch plans).
  • You wish to add on a premium feature.

In both cases you are in control of signing up to these additional costs.

Is there a free trail available for business who want to test the functionality out first?

We can arrange a demonstration of the Made Open platform for you to showcase its functionality. Anyone can use the free public platform to try out the crowdsourcing features, start a event, poll or simply make connections with like minded people.

How often will we be billed for the licence fee?

Made Open Sliver and Gold platform fees can be billed monthly or annually. We can arrange a contract that works for you and your organisation. Some of our clients are looking to split the cost with partnership organisations.

Accessibility & requirements
What browsers and devices are supported on the Made Open platform?

Made Open has been built to work on all up to date versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge as well as IE 11, 10 and 9.

The platform is responsively designed so works well across devices from large desktop screens to tablets and smart phones. It has not been built to work on smaller devices such as smart watches.

Our users will be using Internet Explorer 9 or older, will they be able to use our platform?

Anyone using IE 8 or below will not be able to use the Made Open platform. IE 9 is currently supported but we have no long terms plans to continue to support IE versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Is the platform screen reader friendly?

Yes the menu has been built to work with screen readers and allow keyboard navigation. However this hasn’t been excessively tested.

Security & Management
How is users data protected?

The Made Open platform has been built with security in mind. We have followed industry best practice when protecting user data:

  • User passwords are encrypted using salting and hashing.
  • User data is hosted on a secure server.
  • The platform is protected from SQL attacks.

More details can be provided on request.

How is the site moderated?

The Made Open platform provides customers with the ability to moderate their site via the Made Open content management system. Users of the site are able to flag inappropriate comments and content.

Who has control over the management of our platform?

Sliver plan customers will have complete control over the management of their platform. We will set you up with administrator privileges so you can manage users, edit copy and moderate user created content. You will also be able to make other people administrators of the site. We will always retain access to your site but only so we may better assist you when help is required. We can manage and moderate on behalf of Gold plan customers.

Can Made Open platforms be used as a safe environment for more vulnerable communities i.e. young people?

Made Open has been built to enable people (age 16+) to collaborate together, regardless of who you are or where you live. It is designed to allow members talk to each other in a open and accessible way. However members can also create private groups from private conversations and collaborations. This would be suitable for use by more vulnerable groups such as young people. If you’d like to know more please get in touch.