Our partnership with Perform Green

Together we are helping local authorities, businesses and communities make change happen.

A number of people have asked us about our partnership with Perform Green. Here are some details that we have recently submitted to the Cooperative Councils Innovation Network. This gives a broad overview of how we support each other to meet the challenge of building effective communities:

Key Areas of Expertise

Made Open
A service design and digital innovation company.

  • Designing services with people to ensure the needs of communities are met.
  • Implementing Collective Impact processes and providing support to aid collaboration.
  • A configurable digital platform that enables the exchange of ideas, knowledge and resources.
  • Embedding co-production methodologies and service design tools into organisations.
  • Implementing a ‘whole-system’ approach to integrated community development.

Perform Green
A strategy, innovation and productivity company.

  • Working with senior leaders to define strategy and direction; providing strategic assurance.
  • Facilitating collaborative innovation to tackle “wicked” problems.
  • Improving productivity, quality and sustainability; ensuring change programmes deliver results.
  • Digital Innovation to facilitate better engagement, service delivery and decision-making.
  • Leveraging the market and supply chains to improve partnerships, sourcing and commercial management.

Specialisms and Capacity

Made Open and Perform Green have specialisms and capacity in the following areas: Service Design, Strategic Business Transformation; Community Innovation; Stakeholder Engagement; Workshop Facilitation; Change Leadership and Digital Strategy.

The Made Open digital platform also gives councils the ability to build capacity within local communities by inspiring and incentivising community action.

We are agile businesses. By combining our respective expertise, technology platform and our networks of trusted associates, we are able to rapidly scale and increase capacity where needed.

We support locally based leaders to build capacity and create social impact.

Innovate for Change

Made Open and Perform Green can help local authorities, businesses and communities work together to develop and implement integrated change programmes.

Our aim is to ensure that dedicated local teams can collaborate to deliver four action-led processes for community and economic development, with initial ‘backbone’ support from us. Our four processes are:

  1. Get ready: Identify changes that communities / organisations want to see; using proven decision making methods to identify the drivers and resisters of change.
  2. Get started: Develop shared goals, explore new collaborations and models, identify training needs of potential and existing leaders in the change process.
  3. Get results: Co-develop solutions that mobilise the assets and resources of all partners, establish future operating models, incentivise and reward actionable change.
  4. Build a legacy: Establish an eco-system for sustained community development and whole system change beyond our initial involvement, driven at a local level.

For more information, please contact Robert Woolf.

June 29, 2016