We redefined this service for the ‘sick and elderly’ to one where people can stay independent at home for longer.


Assisted Living For Independence

From brand strategy to digital strategy and service design, we redefined this service for the ‘sick and elderly’ to one that can help people stay independent at home for longer. Welcome to Alfi – Assisted Living for Independence.

Thousands of people use assisted living technology to live healthier and more independent lives. But unlike the product-oriented approach of their competitors, we helped Alfi to create a great name and clean brand identity, and design a compelling online service that placed the needs and conditions of service-users at the heart of their brand.

The Alfi website was super accessible and completely responsive across all devices, screen sizes and browsers. This is very important for an elder customer base and W3CA AA compliant for good measure. All photography is from genuine people living in Cornwall – the initial target audience for Alfi.

Online applications have become integral to Alfi. Data regulations had previously consigned customers to paper based applications only. With our online application system, data collected on the front end of the website is automatically transferred into Alfi’s internal systems – complying with all data regulations, saving time and paper in the process.