Made Open Monmouthshire

Future successes in Monmouthshire will owe much to the people and communities who live there, as it always has.

Rising expectations, declining resources, an ageing population, widening disparity in incomes – current and future generations are facing intractable challenges, and public institutions don’t have all the answers.

We can think of problems in two ways:

  1. There is a known solution and recognised good practice can often be solved by a conventional management response.
  2. There is a wicked problem for which there is no correct answer in the management handbook. It is these problems that bedevil our communities and institutions.

Working with Made Open, Monmouthshire County Council are bringing partners from different backgrounds, sectors and geographies together to explore the benefits of a collective approach; where institutions provide the platform and the backbone for a broader collection of partners to come together and define problems.

Already, the Made Open Monmouthshire platform is beginning to stimulate energy and give rise to a more networked environment uniting around a common purpose – a better place.

As enablers in a wider system that has the foresight and capacity to tackle some of Monmouthshire’s biggest challenges, Monmouthshire County Council are working with Made Open and forming an academic partnership to underpin their thinking with the rigour often lacking in public policy.

By bringing together thinking and experience from different geographies and political systems, Monmouthshire hope to be able to test this approach in different settings and accelerate learning.

Some of the challenges we are currently working on together include:

  • Identifying and defining some of the problems our institutions and communities are grappling with.
  • Developing insight from wider networks.
  • Harnessing the potential of technology including big data and open data.
  • Mobilising resources in communities.
  • Sharing evidence about what works – to maximise the chance of wider system change.
  • Exploring how can we build a community around Made Open so that it can stand-alone from any single organisation and have relevance across multiple geographies.