Made Open Tasmania

People in communities are capable and want to make a difference.

Made Open Tasmania is a Collective Impact partnership between Anglicare Tasmania, Heart Foundation, Central Coast Council, Australian Red Cross and BOFA In Action; and is a groundswell movement for change that is supported by local government.

The partnership is based on the belief that people in communities are capable and want to make a difference, and that the Made Open network can better connect individuals and groups to transform Tasmanian communities and the wider economy.

Tasmania is the first place in Australia to utilise Made Open to make a difference, helping like-minded people and groups to connect, share ideas and start projects.

The platform has seen a number of groups emerge such as the Mersey-Leven Food Project group (providing accessible and affordable fresh local produce at a fair price to farmers), Cooperatives Tasmania (organising activities to support the development of co-ops in Tasmania) and the Australian Bhutanese Society of Northern Society (a community of Nepalese speaking Bhutanese people living in Northern Tasmania).

It has also generated some powerful ideas from deep within communities around issues of domestic violence, ethnicity, food security, education and health.

The Made Open team has been pivotal to the partners’ understanding of how technology and design thinking can support a Collective Impact framework.

Made Open Tasmania are part of a global steering group; helping leaders from four sectors, three nations and two hemispheres to leverage greater impact and learning than might be achieved as single organisations.