Engaging citizens in conversations about the future of Monmouthshire

Our Monmouthshire

Citizen engagement campaign

Project Background

“We have an ageing population, rising property prices and comparatively low wages are making it harder for young families to live and work locally.  These come on top of issues like increased global migration and changes to weather patterns that could result in more flooding and problems for farmers.”  Monmouthshire CC

To counter future challenges such as these, The Welsh Government launched a new piece of legislation (The Well-being of Future generations Act) which means that all councils need to start planning ten – twenty five years into the future, planning with the future generation in mind.

Monmouthshire County Council have already started developing their wellbeing plan by engaging citizens and collaborating with community partners to understand whats important to local people.

To help them assess the wellbeing of local communities, we designed a citizen engagement campaign to capture issues, opinions and gather ideas for the future from local people.

The identity

“Our Monmouthshire” was the identity chosen to facilitate useful conversations between, businesses, communities and public service partners. We created a visual identity inspired by ‘building blocks’ revealing the ‘Our’ within Monmouthshire.

Engagement tools: Infographic Banners

We designed a range of outreach materials that could be easily transported around the county and provided an engaging way for people to learn about local issues and share their views.

The pop up banners featured a map of the county and included infographics highlighting local data and key challenges. These were included to initiate conversations around specific topics such as:

  • Environment
    Monmouthshire residents recycle more of their household waste than most other counties in England and Wales
  • Ageing 
    The number of people aged 85 and over will more than double in the next 20 years while the number of people under 18 will reduce by a fifth.
  • Obesity
    Around one in five children in Monmouthshire are overweight or obese.
  • House prices and incomes
    Monmouthshire house prices are above the UK average but the wages on offer for local jobs are, on average, 10% lower.
  • Community
    88% of people say they have a sense of belonging to their local area.

Engagement tools: Postcards

Postcards were used to gather opinions about:

  1. What’s great about your community?
  2. What could be better?

Engagement tools: Challenge cards and maps

We also created a series of ‘challenge cards’ which were used for discussion at local events. People were asked to add their own thoughts to local maps using post it notes.

Residents were also encouraged to add their views about local issues via the Made Open Monmouthshire digital platform.

Click here to view what people have been saying online.