Shaped By Youth

Great ideas. Made in Cornwall.

Working with Cornwall Council, we have piloted a safe online space for young people to have a say about community issues and create inspiring projects.

Shaped By Youth

Helping young people to have a say about their community.

Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Very often though, young people have great ideas but they don’t feel they have a platform to share them. Welcome to Shaped By Youth.

Shaped By Youth has been designed as a pilot to allow young people to work together and work with mentors to create solutions to the issues that matter most to them.

Shaped By Youth is a responsive website:

  • Young people can share the issues that are important to them.
  • Vetted youth facilitators can set up challenges and manage project teams.
  • Team members can add, shape and rate ideas in private team spaces.
  • Users can add, shape and rate ideas.
  • Users can create tasks, funding wishlists and a project summary.

Shaped By Youth