X List Cornwall

Engaging young people in politics

We were tasked with increasing the number of young people on the electoral roll in Cornwall through a six week engagement campaign

X List

Encouraging the disillusioned young to register to vote

In 2010 just 44 percent of people aged 18 to 24 voted in Britains general election, compared with 65 percent of people of all ages. In not a single European country do the young turn out more than older people. Cornwall council’s electoral team in the run up to the european elections in 2014 and the general elections in 2015 wanted to encourage more young people to sign up to the electoral register and wanted a fresh approach to the challenge of engaging the county’s disillusioned young. We created the X list a touring pop up to collect the thoughts of Cornwall’s youth, and engage them in the political process.

We created a number 10 pop up which would be the backdrop for young people to share their thoughts on politics. It was a fun way to engage young people and give them a voice whilst starting a conversation around politics and leading to them signing up on the electoral roll (or not).

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