Service Innovation

We aim to create better futures for communities

As experts in service design and digital innovation, we create service and experiences that are better for people and better for business. Our approach is strategic, collaborative and inclusive – placing people at the centre to deliver better outcomes.

We work with local governments, health organisations, charities and businesses around the world. Helping them bring communities together to solve complex social and business challenges in areas such as Ageing, Social Care, Housing, Community Development and the Environment.

Our greatest strength is in our ability to facilitate change. We do this by bringing people together around shared goals, engaging communities and helping new ideas to flourish. By truly listening to service users and providers, we are able to gather insight and co-design solutions that meet their needs and changing behaviours.


  • Diagnose problems and understand needs through data analysis, user research and stakeholder engagement.
  • Define objectives and opportunities with stakeholders and the wider community.
  • Map customer journeys, services, community assets and resources.
  • Reimagine how services are delivered and co-produce new solutions.
  • Prototype and test new new service concepts and approaches.
  • Change behaviour and inspire action through visual communications.
  • Design and develop digital tools to harness underused strengths of individuals and communities.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and resources.
  • Incentivise staff and partners to innovate and work beyond traditional boundaries.
  • Establish collaborative tools and processes to improve outcomes, including Collective Impact approaches and agree shared measurement systems.
  • Project management, communications, organisational development and stakeholder management.

Our Work