Telling stories with infographics

Infographics are a brilliant way to present complex information quickly and clearly. Here at Made Open, we love infographics. We’re very visual people, and are often asked to transform big data and information into beautiful, meaningful infographics.

Last week we designed an infographic for IVAR (the Institute of Voluntary Action Research). IVAR are a Bristol based charity who work to understand, support and strengthen voluntary and community sector organisations. To be featured in their annual report, we were tasked with creating an infographic that would quickly give a sense of scale to their work across the country.


We were also asked to produce an infographic for NHS Kernow. The aim of this infographic was to present the stories and successes of the Living Well Pioneer programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Living Well is a partnership between health and social care providers in Cornwall, who are working together to deliver a person centred health and social care system. We designed an infographic that summarised the stories, key statistics and successes of this partnership.


In our modern age, infographics are increasingly being used to add some zest and simplicity to what could otherwise be information overload. Our recent work for IVAR and Living Well are examples of how important infographics can be in sharing data and telling stories effectively.

June 22, 2015