A thank you letter to our Made Open partners

Thank you

Over the last two years, we’ve been on a journey of discovery and co-design with our clients, their partners and our extended Made Open community network. Together we have been exploring questions such as: “How do we harness the strengths within communities?”, “How will we incentivise community action?”, “What role will Made Open play?” and “How will we measure social impacts?”

As many of our followers will know, our vision is to empower and mobilise people for (social) good. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to contribute something to their community, no matter how small or large. Collaboration is the key to tackling societies more complex challenges.

So, as we prepare to launch the Community Exchange (a unique feature to the Made Open platform that enables people to earn and trade community credits by exchanging goods and services with others), we would like to pause for a moment and extend our gratitude to the people that are helping turn our vision (and their visions too) into a reality. Without you, Made Open simply would not be possible. Thank you.

Your ongoing support has meant that we have been able to learn more about the communities we serve, make continuous improvements to our software and refine our proposition to local government, charities and community leaders. We are grateful for your willingness to co-design and, indeed, invest in new platform features; allowing all of our partners to explore innovative approaches to community engagement.

So what have we learnt over the last two years? We have learnt that innovation isn’t an easy path. We have learnt that doing new things requires positive energy, collaboration, bravery and a can-do attitude. We have learnt that, collectively, our clients are great investors – since they all have a genuine and vested interest in achieving social value.

With that in mind, we’d like to say a special thanks to:

  • Matthew, Will, Owen and Jude from Monmouthshire County Council
  • Dom and Di from Bristol City Council
  • Carolyn and the team and Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol
  • Peter Murden from Cradle Coast Authority in Tasmania & Owen Tilbury from BOFA
  • Simon and Sarah from Torbay Community Development Trust
  • Mark, Kristian and Simon from Devon County Council
  • Fiona from Exeter CVS
  • Tracey and Lee from Age UK Cornwall
  • Laura and Erin from Raising Films

As our Made Open partner network continues to grow we plan to host regular physical and online partner meetings. There will be a chance too for everyone to share learnings and prioritise future Made Open developments. Finally, keep an eye out for our new Made Open website where we will (some might say finally!) begin to articulate what we do and how we do it more clearly.

August 16, 2017