Your Home Matters campaign

Working with Teignbridge District Council, we've designed a campaign to encourage residents to speak out against poor housing conditions.

As winter draws nearer and the cold weather sets in, our thoughts turn to those people who are living in unsuitable, damp and cold housing conditions. For the past few months, we‘ve been working with the housing team at Teignbridge District Council to design a campaign that raises awareness of poor living conditions and encourages people to take action and get help.

“Your Home Matters” will encourage people to speak out against poor housing. The aim is to make tenants and landlords more aware about the health hazards associated with living in damp, cold or unsafe properties.

Teignbridge Housing services want people living in the area to contact them for advice and guidance if they feel that their property needs improvement.

After consultation with local people and landlords, we have developed the “Your Home Matters” brand identity and a series of posters that will be displayed throughout the community. See some examples below. The council will also be using social media to communicate the key messages and directing people to their website for further information.

PT_Heating copy PT_Hazard copy

November 11, 2015