Made Open in 250 words

Why? What? Who? How? When? - we describe Made Open in 250 words

We were recently asked to describe Made Open in 250 words. Within this word limit, we had to write about our company: what problems we solve, the demand, the potential for growth, the expertise behind the business and how innovation sets us apart from the competition. Tricky hey?

This challenge, although daunting at first, helped us focus on describing what we believe to be the most the important aspects of Made Open:

“Society is under pressure. Local governments are struggling to meet rising demand for public services with diminishing budgets. Simultaneously, we are witnessing the fragmentation of communities and the extended family. This conundrum requires a new approach – one that mobilises citizens to support each other and change their world. Made Open is a solution to the challenge of building effective communities. A social network that enables people & organisations to unite around shared goals & create better places. The platform harnesses underused community assets; for example, volunteers, materials & money. Made Open is, in the words of Sir Tim Smit, for “anybody that’s doing good stuff”. It provides a space to submit ideas & crowdsource resources for local projects.

In the last 18 months we have secured software licence agreements with councils in Wales, England & Australia. These pioneering local authorities are working together to help us develop a platform that suits collective needs.

Made Open is a feature-rich, scalable solution compared to the largely singular-focus of competitor platforms. It can quickly be configured for any customer in any region. Open API’s enable modules to be embedded into third party websites.

We now have exciting opportunities for our next product upgrade “The Community Exchange”- enabling members to exchange their earned credits for rewards donated by others. Our co-founders have 15yrs experience running a profitable service design business tackling social challenges. Their work with citizens, business, government and public sector bodies across the UK has helped shape the digital platform.”

September 5, 2016