Creating a ‘Lifeline’ to prevent homelessness

We're developing an educational website which aims to become a lifeline for young people at risk of becoming homeless in Cornwall.

Our design team are working with Cornwall Council and Alex Breyley, a recent Falmouth University Graduate to bring their vision for an educational website about homelessness to life.

The project is the brain child of Alex Breyley who came up with the idea following a Cornwall Council brief to students at Falmouth University. Alex spent time visiting young people across Cornwall who had become homeless and recorded their experiences in their own words. He wanted to create a resource to help change perceptions about homelessness and provide support to young people in the same situation.

“Many of the young people I met had experienced extremely difficult and dangerous situations as a result of becoming homeless. In some cases, homelessness could have been avoided with the right information, advice and support at an earlier stage. I feel its important to share these stories with other young people and provide them with as much information as possible to prevent homelessness.” Alex Breyley


Alex’s vision which can be seen in the video below, uses animated lines to bring the audio experiences to life, providing a much more interactive way of learning about homelessness. The team at Cornwall Council loved the ‘lifelines’ concept, and have asked Made Open to help Alex develop the idea further into a fully functioning website with additional information and resources from specialist providers to further support young people.

Stay tuned for updates on this project, we hope to have the website ready to share in October.

August 27, 2015