"We're using Made Open to create a network that better connects individuals and groups to transform our place, community and economy." Peter Murden, Central Coast Council, Tasmania.
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Now more than ever, society is under pressure. Current and future generations face intractable social challenges and yet the gap between what local governments can achieve and citizens expect continue to grow. Made Open provides a disruptive solution to the challenge of building effective communities. Our platform enables people and organisations to unite around shared goals, and crowdsource resources from the community.

Visit: monmouthshire.madeopen.co.uk to see a local government platform in action.


Charities can use the Made Open platform to access funds, volunteers and resources. Campaigners and fundraisers can manage live projects and donor pledges, monitor campaign activity and develop collaborative partnerships with local organisations.

Made Open brings people with a common cause together and helps them to maximise impact. What’s more we charge no levy on crowdfunding. That’s 0% commission.

Charities can choose to use the free platform at community.madeopen.co.uk or create their own branded network. See pricing for further information.


Made Open can also be used as an employee engagement tool – empowering staff, removing silos and forming working groups across your organisation. Project teams can use the tools to work smarter together, search for knowledge and skills and cultivate open innovation.

The platform is perfect for time poor people-rich organisations like hospitals, universities and big business; who understand the importance of harnessing good ideas, resources and leadership from across the organisation.

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Find us on the G-Cloud Made Open is a supplier to the Crown Commercial Service (CSS). The G-Cloud 7 framework agreement with CSS supports the Government's policy to centrally manage the procurement of common goods and services through an integrated commercial function at the heart of government.

Made Open™ is a fully EU compliant cloud based software service. It provides organisations with a configurable platform for ideas development, crowdsourcing and social networking. A by-product of this is a stronger and more equal relationship between citizens, government and business.
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