What’s next for the Made Open platform?

History tells us that money alone doesn't change the world, people do.

At Made Open, we believe that people want to make a difference to the world they live in, no matter how small. That’s why we do what we do, and that’s why we’ve created a social network for you to change the world you live in.

Our own journey began a while ago of course and we’ve been working tirelessly ever since to create an elegant digital platform that connects people from all walks of life around shared interests and goals.

Monmouthshire County Council in Wales and Central Coast Council in Australia have stepped forward as the pioneers of our Made Open platform; and it has been interesting to see how citizens, communities, local government and businesses are begining to connect with each other, share issues and contribute ideas for change.

But what’s next for our platform and company? Well, we’re busy adding new features to our platform such as the ability to create groups, send notifications and search users by skills and interests. These are important features as we look to mirror how people and groups work together in real life. Rebranding our whole company means we’ve brought our services and our platform together under one brand, as technology without humanity is like ying without yang.

We’re looking for investors or co-collaborators too. Made Open is now ready to scale, ready to make a big impact, and we want to do this with like-minded people and organisations. So please do get in touch if you want to explore the future with us. We’re open to ideas ‘-}>


March 27, 2015