Hub Hub Hooray!

We won “Best use of digital” at the 2015 Cornwall Business Hub awards.

The judges were impressed by our Made Open platform, which helps people collaborate and take action for change in their community.

During the last 12 months, Made Open has generated 1000’s of ideas and has enabled a variety of community projects to start; from helping a homeless charity crowdsource thermal underwear, to crowdfunding a shipment of prosthetic legs for people in Africa. Most recently, a charity in Bristol received 100% of their pledge target for donations of musical instruments to help them set up a music studio for disadvantaged children – the valuation of these instruments was estimated at £10,000.

With new collaboration features added, such as the ability to set tasks and manage groups, we are now generating revenues through licensing the software to local authorities and governing organisations worldwide who wish to establish stronger collaborative working relationships with communities.

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December 5, 2015