Managing community projects just got easier with Made Open

You can now set up "To do" lists and assign tasks to group members / project volunteers via the Made Open platform

In the run up to the launch of Made Open Tasmania (which we are super excited about!) we’ve been working hard to add new features to the Made Open platform. Working in collaboration with Central Coast Council and their partners (Anglicare Tasmania, Heart Foundation, Every Child Succeeds, Australian Red Cross & BOFA) we’ve added features that will make it easier for community groups and organsiations to collaborate. Users of the platform can now create and share local events, canvas opinion using polls and (from today) assign tasks to fellow group members.

Since we launched Made Open earlier this year, we have seen how charities and community groups have used the tool to find volunteers and gather material donations for projects. The addition of “Tasks” allows groups to organise themselves to make full use of these amazing shared resources. Project organisers can now assign “to do” lists to groups members or volunteers.

How tasks works:


Members of a group can create task lists and assign tasks to other group members or themselves. When a user is assigned a task they receive a notification and are able to either accept or reject a task. Accepting a task adds the task to their individual to do list where they can work on it and mark it as complete when a task is finished.

Rejecting a task notifies the creator who can reassign the task to another user or leave it unassigned for other group members view and choose to take it on.

The list creator is able to delete, edit and reassign tasks at any point, and other members have the freedom to pick up tasks they like or pass on tasks they don’t like or can’t do. List owners and members who have been assigned tasks are always notified when a task has been updated, reassigned or marked as complete so the whole team knows what is going on.

These new features are now available across all our Made Open communities. Let us know what you think!

Visit our beta site here: 

November 3, 2015