Adoption & Fostering

Telling the real stories behind Adoption & Fostering.

Adoption & Fostering

Telling the real stories behind Adoption & Fostering.

Cornwall Council

Working with Cornwall Council, we created a website and series of films to share the stories of families who have adopted or fostered children.

Previously, Cornwall Council’s information  sat on their main website and it struggled to connect with families in an engaging way.

We created a new website and series of short films to capture the real stories and provide further information to families considering adoption.

The aim of the website and subsequent short film documentaries was to:

  • CAPTURE the incredible stories of what it’s like to adopt and foster.
  • INFORM people about the process clearly and succinctly.
  • UNCOVER common myths surrounding the process.
  • CONNECT with people through emotive storytelling.

The website used clear navigation and colour coding, alongside strong imagery and emotive quotations to engage and immediately transform the experience. As with all of our work, the website is fully responsive, working harmoniously across all platforms and devices. The site has a very strong visual style that unifies Cornwall Council’s existing visuals with a bold, fresh approach to create a strong and defined brand.

We were also commissioned to create two short documentaries with local foster carers and an adoptive mother. It was an amazing experience getting to meet these incredible people and hear of their experiences. With such a wealth of great material, it would have been easy to overwhelm people with information. However, we strived to cast a good balance between their initial experiences in becoming foster carers/adoptive parents, the comprehensive support they receive from the council as well their everyday family life.

It has been a pleasure to work on such a rich and rewarding project for a great cause and we would love to take this opportunity to endorse the amazing work that Cornwall Council are doing as well as the truly amazing adoptive parents and foster carers. We hope that our work will, alongside their selfless commitment and love, continue to help transform the lives of those children who deserve a loving family.

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