Website refresh for Connecting Bristol

We’re delighted to announce that we are working with Bristol City Council to refresh their current ‘Connecting Bristol’ website.

Several years ago we created the ‘Connecting Bristol’ brand and website for Bristol City Council. Connecting Bristol brings together the Councils work on Green, Economic, Digital and International issues, with the aim being to ensure that Bristol and the surrounding area benefits from a world-class, inclusive green and digital economy.

Over the next coming months, we will be working with Bristol City Council to design a new site that reflects a more contemporary look and feel, and provides visitors with an improved user experience. During the design and planning phase, we will refine the current information architecture and re-structure the site navigation to better reflect current and future priorities.

The new website will be fully responsive, display multimedia content such as videos, integrate with the City Open Data platform, integrate with Social Media and develop the Connecting Bristol community and encourage positive community action.

We’re very much looking forward with Bristol City Council again, and can’t wait to share our work with you soon.

August 4, 2015