We facilitate creative, interactive and practical workshops. We help teams mind map, brainstorm ideas and prototype services


Bringing people together to make great things happen

Open and Collaborative

Ideas Development 

We bring people together and facilitate co-design workshops. We help teams mind map, brainstorm ideas and communicate them persuasively.

Service Design

Using creative methods, we will dig deep around a challenge and uncover new opportunities for service innovation. We will prototype new ideas and gather feedback to influence viability of a new service.

We will guide you through service design methods, starting with how to research user activities and interactions as well as the different stages of their journey.

Digital Futures

A workshop for business professionals who would like a clearer understanding of the strategic, design and a cultural shifts that are happening as a result of a rapidly changing digital world; and the opportunities these rends present for business growth.

This workshop is interactive, visual and creative; allowing participants to apply their learnings to real business challenges. Participants will leave feeling more confident in how to design digital into their business and open up new opportunities for business growth.