Share your community project with a Made Open widget

We're excited to announce the launch of our new platform feature - embeddable widgets.

Made Open widgets can help charities and community organisations increase social action from their own websites.

Our new Embed feature allows anyone to take a question or project page from a Made Open platform and insert it into their own website.  This feature has been requested by voluntary and community sector organisations who already have their own websites, but would benefit from the discussion, crowdsourcing and volunteer pledging features offered by Made Open. Visitors to a website with a Made Open widget, will now be able to join a discussion or pledge volunteering time, money or materials to a project.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as embedding a Youtube video in your blog, and includes two very simple steps:

  1. Copy the embed code from the activity page
  2. Paste the embed code into your website, blog or Facebook page*

* With the help of a handy Facebook app. Find out more by reading our how to guide

It really is that simple, the video below shows how we’ve embedded a widget into this post:

The widget below shows how it would look within another site.

So why are we so excited by this? Where’s the value?

Made Open is a platform that has been created to help organisations build engaged, active communities across the world.

We know that engaging communities in social action is big challenge. Just because you are passionate about about something, doesn’t mean that others will feel the same, so it’s crucial that the leaders of social change make use of existing communication channels and groups to engage their communities – they need to reach out people in different places and from different walks of life.

Being able to tap into local networks and groups that people already trust is critical to getting people onboard with community action. Made Open widgets offer a powerful tool for engaging online visitors, allowing information and activity to be disseminated throughout the community.

Widgets enables the same discussion or project page to be shared in numerous places online – a community website,  a council website or even someone’s Facebook page! This gives opportunities for more people to pledge time or resources to activity simultaneously across these different channels.

Made Open Widgets are a great way raise awareness and inspire community action. Why not give it a try via

You can use the one click sign up if you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or google account if you don’t already have an account.

September 27, 2016